This page is dedicated to the people who have,both directly and indirectly,influenced and are still influencing various aspects of my life;The giant shoulders I stand on…

God,Mom,Pst.Lenny & Pst.Mwangi(MHC),Julie Gichuru,Janet Mbugua Ndichu,Gibson Anduvate(ICC),Andy Stanley,John Carson,Rev.Kathy Kiuna(JCC),Bishop David Oyedepo(WCI)

Kari Jobe,Eunice Njeri,Laura Karwirwa,Makena,Kambua,Rebecca Dawn,Sinach,Andy Mineo,Lecrae,Damita,Dr.Tumi,Ekodydda,Holy Dave,For King and Country,Need to Breath,Newsboyz,Natalie Grant.



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